I went through a lot as a kid. I wasn't beaten or abused but I was born with a catastrophic inner turmoil that I didn't fit in. That pattern of thinking and overthinking led to overwhelming problems that I had made up inside of my own head. The last five years have been a gradual process of getting to know myself and how to cope with the brain inside of my head. My art is an expression of the way I deal with the world. My poetry is mostly me talking to myself. Living in society can mean just getting through a bad day. Being happy can mean just accepting that something sucks. These are a few lessons I have learned and constantly have to remind myself. If I can touch one or two people through my art or help someone who might think or feel like me, it's all worth it.  Feel free to reach out to me if you ever want to discuss art, fashion, or why i do what i do: pauly@mannersmovement.com

Artist Paul Cooley began making limited runs of clothing and hats in 2013 using simple imagery and poems.

Today fine art has become Paul's main focus but he continues to release clothing and merchandise at his leisure for small windows of time. The best way to be notified of these releases is by signing up for his mailing list here.