art box no.3


art box no.3


My new series "Building an Icon" deals with the the process of becoming "iconic". This series consists of ten small paintings created specifically for each collector who purchases my newest art box. Each 12x12" canvas is a hand painted Thanks-face rendition of an already iconic cartoon character. The point of this series is to blend the recognizable strokes of my character into a world of icons already in existence. The symbology? I will not stop until I change the world!

The ten characters I have chosen are:

1. Mickey Mouse
2. Bugs Bunny
3. Homer Simpson
4. Fred Flintstone
5. Scooby Doo
6. Popeye
7. SpongeBob
8. Stewie Griffin
9. Cartman
10. Daffy Duck

Each collector who secures a spot will receive one of the ten paintings at random, as well as a personal gift from the artist. Once all the paintings are completed, boxes will ship. Lets make History!

***PLEASE ALLOW 45 DAYS TO SHIP** -These boxes include hand painted canvas'

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